Crab thermidor – sort of

So for the odd person who stumbles across this mockery of a blog, who (like me) is inclined to discover as much information about a person as they can before deciding on whether they could be arsed reading any further, will clearly see that I started the blog with good intentions, and then quickly sacked it. The reason? Work. I started this when I had a few weeks off between contracts, and now that I’m slaving away in the office again, it seems much harder to get off my arse and write something. It’s the equivalent of writers’ block, only I’m just lazy (and a father of two small kids who seems to have less and less time on their hands as life progresses).

So, thanks again to @fromhomage for setting a challenge that whetted my appetite. November’s Cheese, Please! recipe challenge is smoked cheese, so arriving at the market yesterday morning to discover Glastonbury Dairy’s smoked mozzarella and oak smoked cheddar felt a bit like a gift from the gods. So both duly purchased, I wandered off round the rest of the market making random purchases as I’m want to do. It was only later, planning the week’s food out over a cup of coffee that I hit upon the idea of a crab thermidor with smoked mozzarella. I figured it was worth a shot.

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 1 x dressed crab
  • double cream
  • smoked mozzarella
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • pinch of cayenne
  • salt and white pepper
  • Sour-dough baguette
The Glastonbury Dairy

The Glastonbury Dairy

Now I have to admit to being lazy this week. I bought a dressed crab from the market, so didn’t need to do any more than scope the contents out into two dishes.

It's all shell

Having broken the meat down with the back of a fork, I drizzled in a little cream, the lemon juice and the seasoning and gave it a good mix. To be fair, I then got a little over-excited with the smoked mozzarella and added quite a lot to the dish. Retrospectively, just tearing it up and mixing it in would have been more than adequate, but hey ho. I then sprinkled a pinch of cayenne over the top and put into a hot oven for 10 minutes

2013-11-09 19.44.36

The result is a cheesy, crabby dish of loveliness. It’s hard to go wrong with these ingredients, and thankfully I managed to produce a simple starter to a fun evening of seafood

2013-11-09 19.58.00

Served with some sour-dough baguette

2013-11-09 20.00.44

Go on try it. You know you want to.

Fromage Homage

4 thoughts on “Crab thermidor – sort of

  1. I am never sure about cheese/fish combos but I think crab is the exception. I keep meaning to make some sort of cheesy crab quiche but haven’t got round to it yet. Did you get the crab from Balham? This looks lovely – I’m guessing very rich?! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes, crab came from Balham. There’s only the 1 fish steak there now, but he normally has a good selection of fish including crab and occasionally lobster too. It is rich, so sharing the one crab between two with bread worked out about right

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